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Comprehensive Office Buildings of New Eastern Town in Anqing (Photo 1)

They are located in the central district of Anqing new town with total floor area of about 165,000 square meters and are composed of 5 building units.

Project intellectualization construction includes 15 subsystems such as Integrated management system, background music broadcast system, integrated wiring system, computer network system, security and protection system, cable TV system, smartcard application system, construction equipment management system, remote metering and billing system, multimedia conference system (includes emergency command system), information guidance and display system, engineering of electronic equipment plant, lightning protection and ground system for electronic information system of building, indoor Wi-Fi signal coverage system, light current pipe system, etc. 

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Photo 1

The Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University (Photo 2)

It is located in new station exploitative-experimental zone in Hefei City covering an area of 349 mu and the floor area of 150,000 square meters and providing 2,200 beds. As a grade 3A general hospital, it is a collection of medical care, teaching, scientific research and prevention. It has medical technology and outpatient building, inpatient building, staff living quarter, administration building and so on.

Project intellectualization construction includes: 22 system such as comprehensive wiring system ,computer network system, Wireless Networking System , computer room engineering, intelligent integrated pipe network ,security and protection system ,IC card management system, cable TV system, digital broadcasting and music system, medical information publication and query system, master and secondary clock system, queuing management system, doctor-patient and nurse-patient calling and intercom system, ICU visitation and intercom system, surgery scheduling system, infant security system, building automation control system, energy conservation monitoring system, intelligent lighting system ,intelligent system integration, multimedia conference systems, IT information system.

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Photo 2

Anhui University (Photo 3)

It is one of key universities in the state Project 211 and also among the key comprehensive universities of Anhui province. It has 4 campus and 1university science and technology zone. The whole school occupies 3200 Chinese Mu and the floor area is more than 1,100,000 square meters.

Project intellectualization construction includes: 24 subsystems such as Campus computer network system, campus smart card system, security surveillance system, invasion alarm and emergency assistance system, electronic patrol system, cable TV system, information guidance and publication system, public address system, building energy consumption monitoring system, multimedia conference system, ward calling system, computer room system、UPS system, comprehensive wiring system, multimedia teaching system, playground public address system, examination and teaching monitoring system, elevator five-party intercom system , lightning proof earthing system、LCD, computer, server and network cabinet, light current cable, park management system and so on.

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Photo 3

(Global) Customer Service Center (Photo 4), Bank Of China Ltd.

Located in Binhu New District of Hefei City, with total building area for Phase I around 103,000 square meters.

The project’s intelligence-oriented construction items include: 20 sub-systems such as computer network system, premises distributed system, cable TV and satellite access system, background music and emergency call system, multi-media conferencing system, information release system, all-purpose card management system, queuing system, public security system, video monitoring system, intrusion alarm system, access control system, patrol management system, parking management system, wireless walkie-talkie system, monitoring center, building equipment management system, intelligent  integration system, weak current computer room system (including grounding for lightning) and integrated pipeline network system etc. 

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Photo 4

Chuzhou Wyndham Hotel 

Is located at No. 2888, South Nanqiao Road, Langya District, Chuzhou City, with building area of 60,000 square meters. The hotel owns 301 guest rooms of different types including deluxe suits, with average room area up to 50 square meters. 

The project’s intelligence-oriented construction items include: 18 sub-systems such as computer network system, wireless network coverage system, premises distributed system, computer room engineering, intelligent comprehensive pipeline network system, program-controlled exchange system, security protection system, all-purpose card system, satellite and cable TV system, background music and public address system, information release and inquiry system, multi-media conferencing system, hotel operation management system, guest room electronic lock system, guest room control system, KTV system, intelligent integration system and remote maintenance system etc. 

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Photo 5

Safety Town of Fengyang County, Anhui Province

Fengyang County is located in Chuzhou City, Anhui Province. The rapid economic development and acceleration of urban construction in Fengyang have led to the rapid increase of vehicles, dense population , growth of floating population , and triggering of urban management problems in traffic control, public security and prevention and control of key areas etc. , which have posed a critical challenge to its public security management, particularly crime prevention and law enforcement. The construction of safety town project allows the county town to be under visualized management and emergency commanding and dispatching. 

The project’s intelligence-oriented construction items include: 9 systems such as high definition monitoring system, high-altitude lookout system, high definition secure access system, radar secure access system, storage system, monitoring and commanding center platform software system, lightning protection and grounding system of Fengyang County public security video monitoring system, power supply and wire size for the system, after-sales service, maintenance support system etc.  

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