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Welcome to Anhui Antai Technology Co.,Ltd About Us

     Anhui Antai Technology Co., Ltd. (Antai for short, stock code: 831063), established in 2001 and a subordinate to Anhui Publishing Group, is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, design, engineering implementation and operational management. Centering on the construction of “Smart City”, Antai is committed to the fields of “Smart Buildings” and “Smart Energies, and has long been devoted to the “harmonious development between cities and the environment, and the progress of science and technology; by taking the buildings as a carrier,  the cities as a platform, and client-oriented service as the core goal, it focuses on Human, Building and City and works hard to build “an information ecosystem for buildings based on cloud computation”. Through more than 10 years of development, Antai has grown into one of the most professional intelligent enterprises with a leading strength.

    To its clients, including government agencies, enterprises, institutions, industrial enterprises, it offers the services as follows: All-round smart city consultation, and top-level design and realization of relevant concrete constructions; consultation, design, implementation and operational management of building intelligence engineering; consultation, assessment and operational management for green buildings; consultation, design, implementation and operational management for the construction of a supervision platform for energy conservation at a regional or enterprise level; design, implementation and operational management for an overall solution to new energy applications; and consultation, financing, design, implementation and operational management services for energy consumption audit and energy conservation transformation for existing buildings, etc.


     Antai makes full use of rich technological professionals gained by Hefei, a city known as one of China’s Top Four Cities of Science and Technology, and takes on the road featuring industry-university-research cooperation while seeking its independent research and development. So far, Antai set up AU-Antai Scientific & Technological Research Center with Anhui University, and AJU-Antai Research Center for Building Intelligence  Technology with Anhui Jianzhu University; in addition, it has established strategic cooperation with China Institute of Building Standard Design & Research and China Academy of Building Research, with whom Antai has launched in-depth researches into smart city, smart building, energy saving building, green building and new energy application and achieved fruitful results. Over the years, Antai has made due contributions to industry development. It has participated in the compilation of two national standards, including the Code for Electrical Design of Education Buildings, and the Code of Design for the Store Buildings, and several local standards, including the Technical Specification for Intelligent System in Financial Buildings, the Technical Specification for Intelligent System in Medical Buildings, and the Technical Specification for Energy Consumption Monitoring System in Public Buildings.

    Headquartered in Anhui, Antai provides its services nationwide, and has expanded its business to more than 30 provinces (municipalities) and regions. While sticking to its development principle of “Seek-truth, Pioneering, Innovation, and win-win”, Antai is devoted to providing its clients with top-quality professional services and does it utmost in building smart cities and a more beautiful country.